Alien Vampires @ Second Skin club 16/4/2010

Το Live των Αlien Vampires είναι γεγόνος. Έρχονται για πρώτη φορά στην Αθήνα για μια και μοναδική εμφάνιση!!! Mετά την επιτυχία τους στα μεγαλύτερα industrial club του Λονδίνου όπως το Slimelight, υπόσχονται μια δυνατή μουσική βραδιά στο Second skin club!

Παρόλο την Ιταλική καταγωγή τους o Nysrok ιδρυτής των AV με τον Nightstalker έχουν ταξιδέψει από Αμερική ως Ευρώπη με ισχυρές συνεργασίες με μπάντες όπως οι Suicide Commando.


Χαρακτηριστικό τους η pervert ηλεκτρονική μουσική συνδυασμένη με black metal στοιχεία (ως γνωστό ο Nysrok ήταν στην black metal μπάντα Aborym) και θεματολογία γύρω από την σεξουαλική διαστροφή και αμαρτωλές καλόγριες.

Εκτός από τη συναυλία και τα δυναμικά Dj Sets θα έχετε την ευκαιρία να δείτε μια “αμαρτωλή” καλόγρια σε ακραία αιματήρη εμφάνιση κατά την διάρκεια του live και χορεύτριες να ανεβάζουν την διάθεση.

Djs: Liquix+Wizard + George Fakinos (Second skin resident)
Sinner Nun show+Dancers

Entrance: 15 euros
Second skin club (Konstantinoupoleos 78 & Iera odos GAZI)



At the end of the years 90 Nysrok (ex Aborym) is a huge name in Black Metal, playing with artists such as Set Teitan (Dissection) Attila (Mayhem) Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest). Meanwhile his passion for groups like Suicide Commando, In Slaughter Natives and Diabolos Rising , leads him to found ,in the year 2000, ‘Alien Vampires’ trying to blend different sonorities, as psy trance, industrial, ebm and metal.
In 2003 they produce the Demo ‘I am dead fuck you’, featuring Simone Hellvis Salvatori (Spiritual Front).
In 2004 Nightstalker Joins the band sharing the same passion for artists like Jam Montoya, bdsm and drugs, elements that will affect the entire concept behind Alien Vampires and inspire the greatest number of the songs.
In 2006 it’s time for the debut Album ‘Evil Generation’ and in the year 2007 the Band records the MCD ‘ Nuns are Pregnant’, followed by the album ‘No one Here Gets Out Alive’ released by BLC Productions (USA).
The band is quickly gaining a reputation as a top-flight live act because of a strong and rebellious punk attitude that will characterize any of their future performance.
In 2009 it’s released ‘Fuck off and Die’ featuring Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) on the hit ‘Far from humans’, In Slaughter Natives on the ‘intro’.
The same year sees the Band involved in the ‘FOAD’ Tour and performing in Las Vegas together with the Deadly Seven (an American Hard-rock-punk band produced by the same AV) with a big show at the’ House of Blues’ which will consecrate the band as one of the most extreme worldwide.
During the 2009 the Band continues to perform in Peru, Mexico and Los Angeles delivering at every gig, an absolute hunger for perversion and obscenity.
Riots, live sex scenes and outrageous rants, equally match many of the successful performances during the tour.


* I’m dead fuck you (2003)
* Evil Generation (2005)
* No One Here Gets Out Alive (2007)
* Nuns Are Pregnant EP’ (2007)
* Fuck Off And Die (2009)

Also the night of Apr 16 of 2010 Alien vampires are going to be supported by the band called Nano Infect (GR).

Dennis (a.k.a Lunarian) & Sakis (a.k.a Synthetic) had seperate projects back then called Lunarian and Raziel.
In Spring 2008 they were talking about cooperation between the projects but the came up with the idea to cooperate musically and to produce something aggresive in our technological and virtual age. The name that arised of this cooperation is Nano Infect.
This word includes the Nano technology (our virtual and technologically inspired age and the infect as everythings turns into technology.
The two members of NI are currently working on the tracks of the first album which will be called “Gas Chambers”.
The demo concerning the side of NI is done… PLasmaG from [CYLIX] has the duty of mixing and mastering the tracks…pretty soon the demo will be in our hands and since there’s a new member behind the keys called Insomnia-X all three members are looking forward…
NI are alreay finished five brand new songs called Abortion(feat.Child From The Crypt), My Confession, The City Of Sins & The Dead Are Marching….
Due to luck of time Insomnia-X is no longer a permanent member also the mastermind of NI SynthetiC decided to keep NI as a solo project with the past members as session members…

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