Crista Galli & Daniel Perret – Les Esprits De La Natur

In Vertical Digipak, limited to strictly 500 copies! Collaboration between ‘Crista Galli’ (Sarah & Jean-Paul Trutet) & the Harp therapist Daniel Perret (Instruments) from Poussières d’étoiles’s band.

Few albums are dedicated to Nature spirits (fairies, elves, gnomes, devas…). Daniel Perret with his Celtic harp, opens the doors of a forgotten world. Accompanied by the angelic voices of Crista Galli (Sarah & Jean-Paul), he transmits the messages of these wise beings.

The music leads us in an Eden of Harmony with relaxing forests, rivers & nature’s ambiances.

Daniel Perret tells more about ’Nature’s spirit ’ : “These intelligent, mostly invisible beings, are working day and night to maintain the harmony of a delicate, intricate fabric. We always thought that a giant tree would unfold out of a tiny seed and grow to its majestic size without any help. We thought that ponds, lakes, rivers would sustain their complex biological balance automatically.

Now that this subtle balance is disturbed practically everywhere, we can finally ask ourselves how all these miracles come about… Now, the time has come to reconnect with the Spirits of Nature and co-operate with them.”


Released on Prikosnovenie and available March 30, 2010.

01 Ton ressenti donne l’accès
02 L’appel
03 Confiant
04 L’apparent et le non visible
05 Mémoire ancestrale
06 Retour à l’unité
07 Tisser des liens d’amitié
08 Dialogue avec les petits êtres
09 Homes of Donegal
10 L’héritage celte
11 Le passage entre les mondes
12 Ouma