My Friend Skeleton – Vanitas

The time of silence will soon be over – every work of art needs its time to grow and bloom and soon it will glare in its final clarity.  In order to live up to their own high expectations My Friend Skeleton are currently working hard on their debut album. To kill the time until it will be published they already revealed some new facts about the CD.

The first album ‘Vanitas‘ will in fact be a double album including one disc “Hinter der Maske der Schönheit…” in which My Friend Skeleton will present more from the complex world of ghosts and forgotten dreams – there will even be some already known stories like ‘Black Widow‘ or ‘The Dead One‘ completely over-worked and in a whole new sound atmosphere.

The second disc “…lauert der Tod” will be performed by My Skeleton Friend – a group which consists of the alter egos of Amaya Sakinah Skeleton, Archimed S. Skeleton, Kay Ozz Skeleton and Serena Skeleton. In this incarnation they will present themselves from a more electronic and danceable side – still they keep their very own way of creating a whole new world through words and music.

Another surprise keeps brooding in the kitchen of Danse Macabre, as what’s being prepared here fuses the best acts of the Gothic genre with the hottest dance floor projects of the scene. FADERHEAD, SITD, DAS ICH, FAITH AND THE MUSE, as well as KIEW have gathered on the visually impressing debut to witness the upcoming birth of ‘Vanitas’.