KiEw – Mental [per]Mutation

Welcome to a new audio therapy in the Electro-madhouse! On “mental [per]mutation”, our favourite patients dive deeper into the everyday life of the institution, unearthing a sonic roller coaster ride of thudding mutated dance-floor-Industrial hybrids (“Käferfrühstück”, “Mister 29” and many more), acoustic experiments, as well as instrumentals with a soundtrack-like feel (the “Retrograd”-series.)

During the course of the album, the listener will gain deep insights into psychoacoustic excerpts from the patients’ files, strange new forms of therapy and numerous soliloquies, often between multiple personalities. “Mental [per]mutation” includes a second disc on which special cases from outside the institution (among them the NYC-Techno-legend Lenny Dee) have gained access to KiEw’s sound files to inject them with their very own madness. Welcome to Disco Dementia! Only one question remains: are the musicians mad or is it the listener? Released on Out of Line and available March 30th, 2010.


Tracklist :

01. Montreal Permutation
02. Käferfrühstück
03. Melancholie
04. Mister 29 (feat. Ambassador 21)
05. Retrograd VII
06. Fernsprecher
07. Delusion
08. Dr. Friendly (feat. Dr. Debil)
09. Retrograd VIII
10. Institutsambulanz
11. Funktionsprüfung
12. Kessel II (Druck)
13. All I Need
14. Retrograd IX
15. Stille/Stimme
16. 70

01. Mister 29 (Shorai Remix #3)
02. Mister 29 (Remix by Ambassador 21)
03. Käferfrühstück (Remix by Mono-Amine)
04. dcdisk (Lenny Dee & Dan Physics Power Tek Remix)
05. Stille/Stimme (Remix by Dr. Debil)
06. Mister 29 (Distorted Drumkids Remix)
07. Käferfrühstück (TweakerRay ReMix)
08. Mister 29 (Shorai Remix #1)
09. Mister 29 (N1n3ty P1lls Remix by Harm)
10. Odessa (Tavor Remix by Bassrk)
11. Exit Odessa (Lenny Dee Brooklyn Mashup Remix)
12. Mister 29 (TweakerRay ReMix)
13. Monkey 29 (live @ FSK Hamburg 2k9)
14. Mister 29 (Shorai Remix #3)