Samsas Traum – Vernunft Ist Nichts. Gefuhl Ist Alles

In 2010, the festivities accompanying the symbolic 13th birthday of SAMSAS TRAUM enter the final stage. After the 13 relentlessly rocking birthday cake candles on the special anniversary album “13 Jahre lang dagegen – Anti bis zum Tod” and the triumphal wishlist tour, the beetle universe unveils the next present – and once more it is a gift for both Alexander Kaschte and his numerous followers. Under the meaningful moniker “Vernunft ist nichts – Gefühl ist alles” (“Reason is nothing – Feeling is everything”), the Khaos rockers SAMSAS TRAUM deliver an opulent 4-disc-birthday box as a companion to their successful birthday album, leading the festivities to a supreme climax.

Besides a DVD with numerous live clips, the original mix as well as an entirely new mix of the “13 Jahre dagegen” album on two additional CD’s, it will most certainly be the fourth disc that will provoke wet dreams in the worldwide beetle platoons: In the disguise of an exceedingly revealing and enlightening rarities collection we witness Alexander Kaschte opening sealed treasure chests and long forgotten dusty archives of his career. Among the enthralling items of this fourth disc are instrumental demos from both “Heiliges Herz” and “13 Jahre lang dagegen”, unreleased tracks from these sessions, ancient and never-before released songs like “Schwester Eden” from SCHER(B)EN FÜR RAPUNZEL (the legendary WEENA MORLOCH predecessor), the very first official WEENA MORLOCH demo “Dandelion And His Lady Of Sorrow”, numerous remixes, the world’s most absurd remixes, alternate versions of songs from the “a.Ura” masterpiece, an entirely new interpretation of “Thanatan und Athanasia” and last, not least some of the earliest recordings in the life of Alexander Kaschte.

Packed in a luxurious 4-panel DVD-digipack in a noble slipcase, a thick accompanying booklet to the ultimate birthday collection “Vernunft ist nichts – Gefühl ist alles” offers many unreleased photographs from the eventful history of SAMSAS TRAUM, additional information regarding the anniversary album as well as exclusive liner notes by Kaschte himself. Strictly limited to 3.000 copies worldwide, this is an already historic compendium to one of today’s most extraordinary and interesting projects. Released on Trisol and available March 30th, 2010.

Tracks CD1:
01 Lichtbestäubt
02 Mr. Misanthropia
03 Agnes (will, dass Karin zu ihr kommt)
04 Happy Birthday
05 Afghanistan
06 Hallo Christ
07 Zuhause
08 Allein unter Menschen
09 Ich werde da sein
10 Peng – Du bist tot
11 Der Steine Atem
12 Die Dame der Kälte
13 Barfuss

Tracks CD2:
Same tracklist as CD1, but slightly different versions and different mastering!

Tracks CD3:
01 Thanathan und Athanasia (New interpretation)
02 Die Dame der Kälte (Instrumental-Demo with Keyboards)
03 Barfuss (Instrumental-Demo)
04 G.B.D.C. (Instrumental-Demo)
05 Auf den Spiralnebeln (Instrumental-Demo)
06 Heiliges Herz (Instrumental-Demo)
07 Ohne Titel (prev.unreleased HH-piece)
08 Scher(b)en für Rapunzel 01
09 Scher(b)en für Rapunzel 02
10 Scher(b)en für Rapunzel 03 (Schwester Eden)
11 Dandelion and his Lady of Sorrow (first Weena Morloch-Demo)
12 Das Schwert Deiner Sonne (Whispers in the Shadow-remix)
13 Der Tag stummer Rache (fetisch:Mensch-remix)
14 Die Krähenkutsche (Zebo-mix)
15 Mohn auf weissen Laken (Zebo-mix)
16 Allererste Aufnahmen 01
17 Allererste Aufnahmen 02
18 Allererste Aufnahmen 03
19 Allererste Aufnahmen 04
20 Karl sagt “Gute Nacht”

Tracks DVD:
01 Das Zeitalter der Bäume
02 Auf den Spiralnebeln
03 Durch springende Lippen
04 Schlaf in den Flammen
05 Der Tag stummer Rache
06 Hirte der Meere
07 Im Auge des Sturms