Illuminate – Ohne Worte

Active ImageIn 2009, Illuminate fans get the royal treatment: May saw the release of  Splitter, encompassing 16 years of the band's history, and making for a beautiful trip down memory lane – and now, shortly before Christmas, the German Romantic Rockers have yet another one coming! This CD, marking the 13th output by Illuminate, is titled Ohne Worte (Without Words) – and that's the gist: the band proves that good, inspired music doesn't necessarily need vocal support. Illuminate have compiled ten instrumentals on Ohne Worte, and they have intertwined them in their own, unique way.

Apart from five of the well-known and most popular instrumentals of past CDs, the musicians have also composed five brand-new, exclusive songs for this new album. Intentionally, the band has shunned rough guitars, drums, and synthetical sounds they want to build upon their unique musical quality: romantic piano ballads and classical orchestrations underline once again why Illuminate still are at the helm of Germany's Gothic Rock scene – 17 years after their first sign of life. If you're looking for a stylish Christmas present or the perfect soundtrack for one of those romantic winter evenings, stop searching and get a copy of Ohne Worte, Illuminate's contribution to a brilliant yuletide.


Released on Gallary and available November 24th, 2009