Klangwerk – Die Kybernauten

Active ImageThe alltime classix collection by INFACTED RECORDINGS has become a real successor. After bands like Tribantura, Shift, X Marks the Pedwalk, The Invincible Spirit or Armageddon Dildos the label now presents one of the main clubhits of the global techno movement. Produced by no one else then Torsten Fenslau (Culture Beat, Abfahrt Records) KLANGWERK did become a hit through the EBM/Electro and Techno scene by combining the best of both worlds! Names such as Münzing, Väth, Staab or even Torsten Fenslau stand for a generation of innovators in the electronic music movement! “Achtung! Hier spricht Alexander Abraham von Klangwerk” became a well known slogan through the worldwide clubscene!

The re-release combines all three KLANGWERK MCDs in remastered quality with two bonustracks, new artwork and is again limited to only 1000 units!



Released on Infacted and available November 27th, 2009.




01 Klangwerk
02 Die Kybernauten
03 Und Weiter Geht´s
04 Die Kybernauten (Part II)
05 Und Weiter Geht´s (Remix)
06 Wollt Ihr
07 Die Kybernauten (Cyclotron Remix)
08 Die Kybernauten (Razormaid Mix)