BLUTENGEL – Soultaker

Active ImageRed wine, candle light and Blutengel!

Is there a better way to spend the cold and dark winter days than in a warm place listening to the gloomy melodic club sounds of the Berlin-based Dark Pop group?

Their newest outing “Soultaker” sports an addictive title tune that has all the potential of becoming one of the band’s all-time hits, plus three more catchy new songs, topped off with eight unreleased remixes and alternative versions (including strong reworkings of “Engelsblut” and “Behind The Mirror.”)

As a special bonus goodie, the release includes the disc “Live In Berlin”, featuring a blazing recording of the Berlin show from the “Schwarzes Eis”-Tour. Kept deliberately rough and untampered with, this CD conveys all the magic and glory of this very special evening, real “live feeling” included. This strictly limited twin album is released in a classy Digipak with two booklets at the price of a regular CD release. "Soultaker " is the perfect winter warmer: a real treat for fans and Blutengel-novices alike!


Release Date: 27. November 2009


CD 1: “Soultaker” Tracklist:Active Image
1. Soultaker
2. Addicted to the night
3. World of ice
4. Why do even angels have to die?
5. Engelsblut (Fallen Angel Remix)
6. Engelsblut (Eternal Life Remix)
7. Behind the mirror (Shadow Remix)
8. The Princess (Princess of Ice Remix)
9. City Lights (City Nights Remix by
Ashbury Heights)
10. Soultaker (Black Soul Remix)
11. Soultaker (Lost Area Remix)
12. World of ice (Club Mix)


CD 2: "Live in Berlin" Tracklist:
1. Behind the mirror
2. Dreh dich nicht um
3. Kind der Nacht
4. The Dream
5. The only one
6. Dancing in the light
7. Winter of my life
8. My nightmare
9. Soul of ice
10. Lovekiller
11. Schneekönigin
12. Engelsblut
13. Vampire romance