The Meteors – Kings of Psychobilly

Active ImageA five-disc career-spanning retrospective of the original "Kings of Psychobilly", THE METEORS. Lead by virtuoso guitarist and Psychobilly godfather P.Paul Fenech, THE METEORS have been going for near on 30 years. They have spawned generations of imitators, and indeed an entire genre, but still no one has ever bettered them. Not for the faint hearted, the songs are inspired by their personal experiences and interests; horror, perversion, and death.

This expansive collection picks all the highlights from their noteworthy career, right up to the most recent albums on People Like You Records. Sleeve notes include a huge interview with the man himself P.Paul, conducted by Psychobilly stalwart Steve Sommers. Detailed and insightful Fenech gives us the insider knowledge on the beginnings of what would become the legendary band, right up to the current line-up and what is in store for THE METEORS. This adds to the package's exclusivity, as Fenech is often a man of few words, letting the music speak for itself. THE METEORS still tour regularly, headlining festivals and selling out venues. The fan base is perhaps one of the most dedicated and loyal there is, whereas the music still appeals to a wide array of people. This is a marvellous package, which will be a must-have for anyone with the slightest interest in the Psychobilly Scene. Remember people – ONLY THE METEORS ARE PURE PSYCHOBILLY!


Disc 1:-
01. Voodoo Rhythm
02. Graveyard Stomp
03. Shout So Loud
04. In the Cards
05. Love You to Death
06. The Crazed
07. Wrecking a Crew
08. When a Stranger Calls
09. Hills Have Eyes
10. Johnny Remember Me
11. Power of Steel
12. Cecil Drives a Combine Harvester
13. In Too Deep
14. Kit Boy
15. Electro 11
16. Stampede

Disc 2:-
01. I'm Just a Dog
02. Michael Myers
03. Only a Fury in My Heart
04. Rhythm of the Bell
05. Out of Time
06. Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down
07. Take a Ride
08. Just the Three of Us
09. I Bury the Living
10. Sewertime Blues
11. Mind Over Matter
12. Here's Johnny
13. Ain't Takin' a Chance
14. Midnite People
15. Repo Man
16. Low Living Daddy
17. You Crack Me Up

Disc 3:-
01. I Go to Bed wih the Undead
02. Charlie, Johnny Rawhead and Me
03. Liars in Wait
04. Spinebender
05. I'm Invisible Man
06. Dance Crazy Baby
07. Hell Ain't Hot Enough
08. Brains as Well
09. My Kind of Rocking
10. Chainsaw Boogie
11. She's My Baby Again
12. Yellow Zone
13. Meet Me at the Morgue
14. Disneyland

Disc 4:-
01. Ex Men Boogie
02. Night of the Werewolf
03. The Return of Ethel Merman
04. Oxygen Dog
05. Ma Johnson Meets the Razorback
06. Surf Mad Pig
07. Meteors vs the World
08. Doing the Lord's Work
09. Corpse Grinder
10. Go Buddy Go
11. If You Don't Wanna Fuck Me Baby
12. Psycho Kat
13. Hallowe'en Scream
14. Kat Killer
15. Straight Down to Hell

Disc 5:-
01. Slow Down You Grave Robbing Bastard
02. Get Out of My Way
03. Death Dance
04. Give the Devil His Due
05. Baby's Got a Flame THrower
06. You Don't Know Me Very Well
07. Michael Myers
08. Execution Song
09. Wanna Make a Monster
10. Freak
11. Crawling
12. King of the Mutilators
13. F**k Off and Die
14. Psycho Down
15. Papa Jupe
16. You Ain't Right
17. The Loneliness of a Long Distance Killer
18. These Evil Things
19. Powder Pain and Misery
20. The Phantom Rider



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Release Date 19th Jan 2009