kobold – blowback

Active Image“Blowback” is a term describing unforeseen, or unwanted repercussions after an “investment”. U.S. involvement in Afghanistan immediately comes to mind – financial and military support of the mujahideen until Soviet withdrawal and our subsequent abandonment led to unforeseen and undesirable consequences – but there are other examples.


“Considering the current state of affairs,” writes Kobold lead-man Mike Heighway, “particularly in the American global political context, we felt it appropriate to respond artistically.”

It should be understood that this short single is the result of a tremendous amount of progress over the past year and a half during which a strong new artistic bond has formed. Kobold is now Mike Heighway and Swante J. Blowback is the latest addition to the growing Kobold discography. Representing an artistic liminal space, it is a shift from an old-school industrial aesthetic to glitch / IDM while acknowledging elements of its origins. The single features two stellar versions of the track “Blowback” as well as two new tracks.

Available digitally on Artoffact Records on February 24th, 2009.


1. Blowback – Untermenschen
2. Blowback – Asunder
3. Dressed Dark States
4. Torn