Fake the Envy – Interlude

Active ImageThe new CD by Fake the Envy is
now released and imported from the Codeline Records label in
Germany. It features some new songs and very cool dance remixes as
well. The first two albums have sold quite well as the band plays a
synthpop sound reminiscent of the 90's scene from Germany and
Sweden. This album adds a modern futurepop touch on a couple of the
remix tracks for added club energy.









Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Wretched Ground
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Dawn for Me (2008 Edit)
4. Bigotry
5. Kings for a Day
6. Somebody Elses Fear
7. Call Me Fallen
8. Once Upon a Time (Extended Version)
9. Once Upon a Time (People Theatre Mix)
10. Sweep Us All Away (Extended Version)
11. Tell Me Tell Me (Extended Version)