Atomic Neon – Darkenia

Active ImageAtomic Neon´s impressive relaunch of the timeless "Cold Wave" genre "Darkenia" is up on it´s way to dominate the world. Having started their spaceship from planet "Darkenia", the young band releases this OldSchool Cold Wave CD just right after their "Life on Earth EP" released on Motor Digital.

These 6 extraterrestrian musicians were on the hunt for a life saving substance – the Atomic Neon.

In a skillfully arranged manner, adding new elements to the ColdWave sound and combining PunkRock with emotional vocals, this CD presents a range of sounds which won´t definitely be forgotten.

track list:


01. Who am I

02. Blades

03. Cold Room

04. Flash

05. Darkenia

06. Mein Kleid

07. Fighting

08. When I Lose Myself

09. New World

10. Herrgott

11. The World

12. We Kiss

13. Our Love