Ataraxia – Oil on Canvas

Active ImageATARAXIA in OIL ON CANVAS …spells pronounced in front of the gates of Myth lead us by hand in the land of Memory where a musical breeze turns into a sacred enchantment…

To be released in November is the massive Oil on Canvas book and CD produced by Ultramail Prod in Hong Kong. The 96 page book + CD come in a slipcase.

The CD is coming in a deluxe 6-panel digipak. The book features 3 different chapters dedicated to 3 photographers.

The photos follow 3 different paths: the first one, with photos by Raffaella Graziosi, is dedicated to ancient Italian houses in ruins, nobleness and beauty confronted with decay; the second, with photos by Mick Mercer, features statues standing in English gardens and parks; the third, with photos by Livio Bedeschi, is dedicated to Mediterranean landscapes, nature and wilderness.

Each image has been coupled with Francesca Nicoli's verses and lyrics and to Ataraxia's music consisting of a collection album featuring 14 tracks including 1 exclusive track and 1 rarity.


Limited to 700 copies. Each copy will have an hand written number and will include a 96-page hardcover book (48 full color photos pages + 48 texts pages.) Hardcover book measures 14.5cm x 14.5 cm or approximately 5.5 inches square.



  1. Fengari
  2. The bay is white in silent light
  3. Pastorale
  4. Zelia
  5. Mon ame sorciere
  6. La reine des hommes au yeux verls
  7. Blood of cherries
  8. Daytia
  9. Dulcamara
  10. Flee et fabian
  11. Eaudelamer
  12. Temenos
  13. The ocean green
  14. Rashan (Exclusive track)