Standeg – UltraHighTechViolet

Active ImageBjörn and Sven Jünemann, aka Standeg, are no strangers to the electro-industrial world. Having been involved in early incarnations of Haujobb, the Jünemanns helped craft early Haujobb hits such as Homes and Gardens and Eye Over You and participated in the recordings of the classic albums Homes and Gardens and Freeze Frame Reality.

A few years ago, the ground-breaking label Dependent Records placed Standeg songs on their influential Septic compilations, creating a buzz around Standeg unprecidented given the duo’s small output.

UltraHighTechViolet is one of those releases that come along every few years to sweep us off our feet.


Following in the tradition pioneered by the likes of Lassigue Bendthaus and X Marks the Pedwalk, and continued by Haujobb, Forma Tadre, and in more recent years Seabound and Headscan, the music of Standeg is cerebral, unique, and challenging.


Tracks like 25 Hours grab you right away with pulsating rhythms and catchy synthlines, while the slow brooding groove of Further Dose is perfect for a lazy afternoon and is as psychedelic as it is industrial.

The album also includes a special exclusive version of the Haujobb classic Homes & Gardens, a song that Standeg helped to write.

Unique in their sound but following in the tradition of a long history of excellent electronic-industrial, Standeg’s music is a significant and surprising addition to your collection. Released on Artoffact Records.


.:EXCLUSIVE download available from Artoffact Records on the album’s release date!
.:All orders from the Artoffact Store come with a limited edition compilation, Artoffact Records Volume 1 that features 17 tracks from the Artoffact roster.
.:Also included: Two limited edition Standeg buttons.


1. Replikant
2. Homes and Gardens 3.0
3. Photograph
4. 25 Hours
5. Further Dose
6. Revol Vex
7. Imprint Image
8. Retribution
9. Vanity
10. Easy To Forget
11. Teaser One
12. Image In Motion