Rise and Fall of a Decade – Rise and Fall of a Decade re-release

RAFOAD18 years after the first release in France, "Rise and Fall of A Decade" is another highlight of re-releases of the band Rise and Fall of A Decade. A timeless piece of art that again will enchant the audience. Until today, Sandy Casado, Pierre François Maurin-Malet und Thierry Sintoni aka Rise and Fall of a Decade remain one of the most important Wave/Romantic/Heavenly-Voices acts of all time. Bittersweet and melancholic sounds in combination with straight Guitar-Wave will let you feel what it means to taste eternity. The CD is released with a completely new artwork. Released on Ars Musica Diffundere and available October 7th, 2008.



Track List :  

01. Arch of Lament
02. The man who wanted to catch the wind
03. Lisbeth
04. Nothing to say, easy to answer
05. A sort of bitter taste
06. Yesterday, today and tomorrow
07. A system of Pulleys
08. Without even speaking
09. Wings of desire
10. The amazing game
11. Speaking hand
12. Be yourself