In My Rosary news

imrAfter Ralf has returned from his honeymoon he sits in the studio to bring some demos into a shape Dirk is able to listen to. But just like always: this does not mean that this will lead to a new album.

A firm news is that Ralf has added some guest vocals to the tracks "The Death Of Captain Future" and "Zombies Of The Stratosphere" of BORGIA DISCO. These songs will be released in January 2009, devided between an album and an EP album.

Furthermore he did a remix for SARA NOXX in the meantime.

On the 12th of September the first re-issue "Danse Macabre & Burnt Orchids" of PAUL ROLAND was released. Ralf had the honour to collaborate on this release, which includes two albums that accompany him since his youth. Moreover, "Burnt Orchids" is one of his all time favs.
And by the way: PAUL's forthcoming album "Nevermore" will have a "typical" Dirk Lakomy cover image.



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