Rhombus-The Closing Time EP – Re-Issued As A Digital Release

 Re-issue of the popular 2006 release 'The Closing Time EP'. '…Another four dark indie-gothic tracks of the late 80s early 90s vintage. Swirly, top-end guitar sounds, strong bass and distinctive male vocals that are reminiscent of early Rosetta Stone at times. Tight, tense, driven songs that are slightly harder than last year's album, and which will sit nicely in dance-floor sets once familiarity settles in. A true gem for those who miss the earnest yet still quite catchy early 90s guitar goth sound. I await their inevitable massive rise in Europe with anticipation, as sadly there is a far more welcoming market there than in the ole homestead these days!…' – Kaleidoscope Magazine.

Digital Download



1. Love You 'Til Closing Time
2.Creature Comforts
3.Where Shadows Seem To Smile
4.Sing To Me (50,000 Kids)

Release Date
19 June 2008

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