Alice in Videoland – She s A Machine

Active ImageAlice in Videoland returns with a digital version of their new album, She’s A Machine, eight tracks of in-your-face pop rock energy, excitement, and adrenalin! The new material is raw, just like we like them pop tracks, and incredibly addicting. What more can we ask for?

The title track, “She’s A Machine,” explodes into raging guitar before front-woman Toril takes over with a huge chorus that is as infectious as they come. The new single “Numb” is a truly emotional gem, and “MF” is simply brilliant pop art. Highly recommended to fans of The Birthday Massacre, Ayria, Angelspit, theStart, Horrorpops, The Laundrettes, She Wants Revenge, Cindy Lauper , and more!




1. She’s A Machine
2. MF
3. Numb
4. We Are Rebels
5. Who’s That Boy
6. Candy
7. Weird Desire
8. Tomorrow