Faux Pride – Slapstick Bitch

Active ImageThe third and final release from UK's FAUX PRIDE, a one man caustic noise/broken beat experi-mentalist / an eclectic mix of noises ranging from massive mentalist distortion overkill to air-pockets of sparse ambience, all wrapped up with a sense of dark humour and a fuck-you attitude.


Released on D-Trash




1. Opening For Slapstick Bitch
2. A Man
3. Dotdot
4. Balast
5. Bottom of the Barrel
6. Fifty Layers of Radio
7. Gee Whizz
8. Letting the Side Down
9. Flashpan
10. Third Dimension
11. No Deal
12. Now, I Understand You
13. Yousuckdotcom.2
14. 509
15. I Know You Are, But What Am I?
16. Yousuckdotcom