Synthetic Dream Foundation – Behind the Gates of Horn and Ivory

SDFThe Synthetic Dream Foundation is a multi media surrealist artist, who works within many disciplines of art. From film scores to the harsh decadence of ebm music, trance music, psytrance, industrial, goa trance, darkwave, and experimental classical music. Aside from music, TSDF is captivated with photography, digital art collages and paintings, and many styles of animation. All of this culminates in the live performance work TSDF does.

The Synthetic Dream Foundation are going to release a new studio album entitled Behind the gates of horn and ivory on April 28th, 2008 by Mythical Records.


Track List :


They who breathe darkness

O' dead armoured sky

Eine dunkle sphärische widerstand

Eternity's poisoned drapes

Among the angels' debri

Eine schöne ruine

Formless beasts

Hammers out of the unutterable palace

Construction of the Underworld