Seelenthron, Traum’er Leben, and Trinithos – III

iiiThe classic German NeoFolk bands SEELENTHRON, TRAUM'ER LEBEN and TRINITHOS will release a 3-way split album called "III". On this album each band interprets their favourite songs by the other 2 bands including also one own new song by each artist. The last song of "III" is a bonus track by Alexander Meier (Seelenthron) – a neoclassical coverversion of a Soulsearch/Sturmpercht song. The 3 bands are well known and highly recommended in the German NeoFolk scene, as they are all fantastic musicians and great live-artists. For Trinithos "III" is the debut-release (beside some very limited CDR releases). Seelenthron and Traum'er Leben have already released several outstanding albums. The first album by Trinithos comes in early May 2008 on HEIMATFOLK.

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