Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows – Sanatorium Altrosa (Limited)


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SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS complete their  Les Fleurs du Mal-study with this equally emotional sister-release titled SANATORIUM ALTROSAMusical Therapy for Spiritual Dysfunction. Released in two editions, both limited to 999 copies. Both will be released on April 30 2008.


52-pages CD / book (hardcover ) with exclusive photos, complete with lyrics and artwork

-2×12” coloured vinyl (both discs made of dark red viny)

-2x audio tapes (the albums LES FLEURS DU MAL and SANATORIUM ALTROSA)

-Shirt (optionally as girlie-shirt, available sizes: small, medium, large … or as a normal t-shirt with sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large)

-1 condom (black, chocolate-flavoured)

-1 certificate of authenticity (individually signed and embossed ) comes packaged in a black cotton bag (with the SOPOR-logo printed in white).


Tracks of the CD (in both editions):

1. Instrumental version of "Consider this: the true meaning of Love", a rather powerful neo-classical track with heavy, almost Germanic sounding military drums and energetic strings.

2.  Architecture II, somewhat reminiscent of early DEAD CAN DANCE. ANNA-VARNEY CANTODEA’s versatile voice is floating in rivers of reverberation, accompanied by the ensemble of brass, strings, woodwinds and drums, and an all male choir, that (to the end of the song) is hilariously chanting away unexpected orgasms brought on by the sexual powers of a dark charisma.

3. remix of Shave, if you love me,  quite different from the album-version

4. Instrumental edit of  La Mort d‘Arthur weirdly joyful, even without the innocent choir-boys in it.

5. Original version of Consider this, with AVC’s screaming vocals on top of it, supported by forceful drum-parts, fragile Asian instruments and lots of electronica.

6. Instrumental  The Conqueror Worm II, a classical, string-based celebration of death and decay in all its glory.

7. The warmth and enchanting beauty of the instrumental version of  In der Palästra bridges the abyss to:

8. the sheer terror of Collision – you may lie on your back, if you want to … even close your eyes to sleep a shocking change of atmosphere: extremely dark and unsettling, with more than a touch of insanity woven into it. certainly “back to the roots” … and even far beyond!

9. Instrumental edit of Les Fleurs du Mala most welcome relief from all this horror like a stroll through the high grass of a lovely meadow on a warm summer’s evening.

10. The likewise instrumental treat of Bitter Sweet is both poetic and wild.

11. Another version of the marvellously orchestrated Consider this: the true meaning of Love. ANNA-VARNEY screaming her lungs out in this most painful lamentation.

Dramatic choirs accompany her cries of agony and frustration, as she fiercely gives the illusion of any romantic love a slap in the face.



(Source: Gothtronic) 

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