F.O.D. – Synthesizer Tanzmusik

No ImageWhen a band calls their album „Synthesizer Tanzmusik“ (=synthesizer dance music), then we would probably expect the finished product to contain that which is advertised … and, well… we are happy to be able to inform you that f.o.d. absolutely deliver the goods! The Eighties-reminiscent title track that subtly combines elements from both the German New Wave and groups like And One with the club sounds of today and some tongue-in-cheek self-reflexive lyrics effectively paves the path for what is to come: an array of intelligent, catchy and club-compatible songs. The German trio displays a masterful hand for gloomy Synth Pop ballads (“Dreams”, “Seconds of Love”), epic dark club tracks (“Archangel’s Battlefield”) that would not seem out of place on a Blutengel-album, as well as up tempo dance floor burners (“Run Away”). They also managed to get some prominent assistance from none other than ex-Blutengel singer Eva Poelzing who graces quite a few songs on “Synthesizer Tanzmusik” No Imagewith her charismatic heavenly voice and also occasionally supports the band’s live line up.  Die hard Blutengel-fans are bound to be delighted to hear a new sign of life from her. But… the album is somewhat of a mandatory listen for all other lovers of melodic Electro music as well. Whether you wish to term it “eXcess Dance” (the way the band describes their style) or an energetic mix of EBM, Synth Pop and Wave… it doesn’t really matter: “Synthesizer Tanzmusik” just somehow manages to hit bull’s eye. f.o.d. have effectively conjured up an album that is extremely versatile but never loses direction and features just the right blend of melody, atmosphere and beats. But beware: consumption may lead to addiction! (Release Date: 22nd February 2008 from OutOfLine)


1. Synthesizer Tanzmusik
2. Dreams
3. Archangel's Battlefield
4. Runaway
5. Seconds of Love
6. Soularis
7. Sie
8. Allein
9. Free Again
10. Krankhaft
11. Life
12. Spiegelbild
13. Archangel's Battlefield (Clear of Junk RMX)
14. Counting the Days