Colony 5 – Knives

Active ImageFollowing their latest release, Fixed, Colony 5 return with a teaser of what is to come in 2008 with Knives. Featuring three remixes (courtesy of Schallfaktor, Syrian and Herzschlag), together with the exclusive bonus track “Avalanches,” Knives is a clear progression from Colony 5’s work on their last release. Knives moves into more challenging territory with distorted vocals, driving basslines, and catchy synths.

Schallfaktor gives the track an EBM edge, mixing driving dancebeats with Colony 5’s unmistakable vocals. The club mix strips the song to a bare driving beat mixed with perfect production, making this the perfect club track to dance away the winter blahs. Syrian creates a trance epic from the track, adding their signature style but without losing Colony 5’s spark.

Knives is a preview of Colony 5’s upcoming release Buried Again, available in 2008 on Artoffact Records. Knives is released December 11th, 2007 on CD and as a digital download.


1. Knives
2. Knives (Schallfaktor Remix)
3. Avalanches
4. Knives (Club Mix)
5. Knives (Syrian Remix)


Artoffact Records