Asp – Horror Vacui Boxset

Active ImageASP – this name has been a symbol for highly entertaining releases of the most successful German Gothic Rock band in recent years – in and also well beyond the Gothic culture. Consequently, the time is more than ripe for a ‘Best-of’-CD which contains their greatest hits: "Horror Vacui". ASP's unmistakable Gothic novel rock can always be regarded as a total work of art: music, lyrics and images seem to be of equal importance. Thus every single album including the Best-Of is part of major concept.

"Horror Vacui" refers to the fear of nothingness which results in the profound human desire of trying to find a meaning in everything. The human spirit cannot bear the idea of absolute emptiness and thus emptiness becomes an existential nightmare, especially in the sense of spiritual emptiness. Therefore, the title is part of a scheme and represents the musical search of ASP which culminated in the latest album "Requiembryo".
"Horror Vacui" is a monument of Gothic Rock nobody can elude who is fond of classics such as Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission or their modern heirs Rammstein and InExtremo. Those who have known ASP a bit longer, have the chance to experience „old“ material (33 songs on 2 CDs) in a new context. The album was arranged by S. Schmetterling and Matthias Ambré themselves, numerous songs were rerecorded and remixed and exclusive bonus material was added. The sumptuous DigiBook is complemented by a 40-pages Booklet including two breath-taking motives taken from "Weltunter" by Ingo Römling.
the Fan-Box which has a luxurious silver foil embossing and is limited to 1.999 pieces offers even more:
an additional DVD-DigiBook containing the music short film "Me", the trailers to "Horror Vacui" and a Making-of-picture gallery
– plus a special gimmick: a frame- snippet of the original 35mm-celluloid-film reel with certificate.
All in all one can say that the complete oeuvre ASP could not have culminated any better – "Horror Vacui" has already become a milestone of its genre.

Released on Trisol and available March 7th, 2008.