Run Level Zero – Arctic Noise

Active ImageFollowing their excellent digital-only single released on Artoffact in November 2007, Run Level Zero present their new album Arctic Noise. The album features 12 tracks of stomping and romping industrial dance as well as a slick 12-page booklet. There's even a reference to Rational Youth (hi Tracy!). We will have more information and mp3 samples soon. Released on Artoffact and available January 15th, 2007





1. Black Cinder
2. Deny Me
3. Hitting Ground
4. Stroke
5. Incision
6. With One Voice
7. Shine
8. Hand To Mouth
9. Hey Mister
10. Lies Told
11. Plaything
12. The End of the Whorl




New songs online!
We've added two new tracks from our upcoming album, "Arctic Noise", to our MySpace!
There's also a full version of a third song entitled "Black Cinder" available at our label Memento Materia's MySpace – you'll find them in our Top Friends below.
Hope you like them!

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