The Horrorist – 13 Dobermans

Active ImageBeware! This guy is dangerous! The Horrorist has got 13 dobermans (…none are girls, they all are boy, of course!) ready to be set loose … on the lurch to jump straight in your face with strange sounds, the fattest beats and a solid dose of bass power! With “13 Dobermans”, Oliver Chesler releases the most infernal track from his new album “Attack Decay” as a DJ vinyl for your turntables. The record includes exclusive mixes from the legendary Die Krupps, The Advent (well known for their remixes for Derrick May  and Kevin Saunderson) and Felix Kröcher, one of the scene’s most popular DJ newcomers. The world will know it: The Horrorist has got the power!




A1 13 Dobermans (The Advent Remix)

A2 13 Dobermans (Felix Kröcher Remix)

B1 13 Dobermans (Die Krupps Remix)

B2 13 Dobermans (Gabriel Palomo Remix)