Neuroticfish Goodbye Concert at WGT 2008

Sample ImageWe just got the news that Neuroticfish is finally calling it quits. It has been a bit quiet around the band the last few years since their release Gelb in 2005, but the official announcement has just been published that Neuroticfish will do a special goodbye performance at next year's Wave Gotik Treffen which takes place from 9-13 may 2008. 

In the early 90ies Sascha Mario Klein decided to bring his alter ego Neuroticfish to life – inspired by bands like Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. Fed up with the typical artistic differences between him and other musicians he quit his former band-activities. From this point on he concentrated his creativity to his neurotic visions and Neuroticfish was born.