They are coming from Finland with songs about religion, mass suicide, murder, death, torture, parasite, sadomasochism… lovely things in general.  Ladies and gentlemen we present you Sin Decay.  With a mini album which made a great impression, good reviews from magazines such as The Metal Observer, Absolute Zero Media, Metal Storm, Industrialized Metal, SIN DECAY offer an alternative unique sound, proving that when you make music you can combine almost everything!

Xind, (leader of the band) kindly and honestly answered to some questions for  

Meet the Sin Decay :


EBM. : Ok so tell us who are Sin Decay and where are you coming from? When the
band was formed and for how long Sin Decay play together?

Sind is my little brainchild I came up with a couple of years ago. Things evolved really slowly due to my commitments in other bands and it took some time trying out synthesizers and samplers as well. Anyway I made songs on my own and when it came time to record something I asked the guitarist and drummer who I knew from previous bands to join. Basically I could have recorded everything just by myself, but I was thinking that maybe a full line-up would be more practical. So we recorded "Rehabilitation" and it's the only official release as of yet. So far Sind has been more like my solo project, but it's slowly becoming a real band as we will start rehearsing and touring pretty soon. We're also in the very early process of recording our full-length debut album.


EBM : Would you like to tell us a bit more about the other bands you mentioned?


– Blaah, I'm not too fond of talking about other bands as they're all independent, hehe. It's even more annoying if bands are promoted in a really cheap way e.g. "featuring these and these members". Anywho at the moment I'm occupied with Havoc Unit (ex-andOceans) and Kinetik Control. We finished Havoc Unit's full-length album titled "h.IV+" during the summer and it should be released through Vendlus Records in a month or so. Havoc is an extreme form of industrialized metal with a cultural aspect. Kinetik Control instead is more mainstream stuff with a hefty industrial touch (of course:).  We're just about to start recording a full-length and it will be released early next year.


 EBM : When do you expect the new full length SIN DECAY album to be released?


– The album will probably be finished around early next year. We'll make the master recording just by ourselves with our own equipment; that is recording, mixing and mastering just like with "Rehabilitation". Then we'll start negotiating with labels about licensing. As things go really slowly in this business I doubt release date will be sooner than spring if even then. "Rehabilitation" was licensed to Nailboard Records and they released it as a 6-panel digipak. 

EBM: Your music has been described as "electronic/cyber metal, with metal guitars, driving bass and gothic deep vocals" How would you describe the music Sin Decay make?

– Glamorous industrialized anguish. How's that for a label, hah?

EBM : Which are the bands (if there are any) that influence you while you make music and why?

– Well there really aren't any conscious influences but of course everything you hear and see affects you. But I guess in the sense of production and programming electronics Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Frontline Assembly, Aphex Twin and the likes might be an influence.

EBM : Most of your lyrics are about religion. What is your opinion about religion and what is the message you want to pass to your audience about this subject with your music?

– I hate all religions. Religion is like a plague – aggressive cancer corroding the world. I find it hard to believe that even today in the year 2007 church services are still held every single day and people are like religious fanatics. It's just so unbelievable how people can be so ignorant and that societies are based on it. I don't hide my opinions and with
Sind I intend to freely express my ideology no matter how extreme it's viewed or disliked.

EBM : Your album Rehabilitation has some very metal moments like Celestial Revulsion however it has also some melodic tunes like Cold Dead Skin, how do you combine these two elements and what you expect to give musically to your audience with this album?

– Basically we merge the power of metal, coldness of industrial and the elegance of electronic with mainstream melodious ness. I think "Rehabilitation" has to offer good melodies in an excellent production. It's by no means perfect, but a decent start. On the debut full-length we will take everything to more professional and sophisticated level taking everything to its extreme and hopefully the result will be mind blowing.

sindecay2EBM :  Sin Decay recently featured in Gothic Magazine 's compilation double CD "Goth Is What You Make It Vol. 6". How do you feel about that and how do you feel about Goths in general?

– PR is always good and it's perfectly fine with me if we are labelled as Goths. Of course I can see why and besides the Average Joe's always label people like me as Goths. Why would I mind? I really don't care at all. But for me Gothic as a music style refers to bands like The Cure, Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim and we are pretty far away from those. Though these days categories are used so loosely that it doesn't mean anything anyways.

EBM : Which do you think is the ideal audience for you while on stage?

– It doesn't really matter what type of people the audience consists of. It's quite a wide bunch of people as we're pretty easy-listening stuff. Visually we probably appeal to kinky fetish people, (laughs).  The visual side is a very important part of the band and live it should be a strong audiovisual performance – an acidic euphoric experience that makes you taste and feel the burning grip of the music.

EBM : Name some bands you would like to play on stage with.

– I think we should be on stage with those mega-gigantic bands like Marilyn Manson and Rammstein. 😛

EBM : Name five favourite albums you have in your collection.

– I have more like favourite songs here and there instead of albums as usually whole albums always tend to have some mediocre material. And of course faves vary all the time. I get bored to everything extremely quickly. At the moment I'm listening to some songs from these albums: "Crossroads", Astral Projection "Another World", Squarepusher "Hello Everything", The Crystal Method "Vegas" and Rihanna "Good Girl Gone Bad" Remix Disc. I bet you're wondering about the last one, hehe. It has a couple of kickass remixes with tremendous production, but the original album is really boring actually.


EBM : Thanks so much for your time and we wish you all the best for the new album.


– I thank you too 


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