Mindless Faith – Medication For The Misinformed

Active ImageFor many years, any list of top Electro / Industrial bands included names like Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and Front Line Assembly. Throughout the mid 1990's these North American pioneers constantly outdid their European counterparts time and again in terms of sound design, atmosphere and general creativity. But the turn of the century saw the old guard retreating slightly as a new generation of European bands such as VNV Nation and Covenant took over as giants of the genre.


Now, thanks to two brothers from Baltimore, US Industrial just might be back on track. "Medication For The Misinformed" is no less than the hottest US Industrial record to hit within the last five years.

Administering the aforementioned medication is Mindless Faith, who have spent the past two years perfecting this energetic, aggressive and apocalyptic mix of US Industrial Metal and high energy trance. While stylistically reminiscent of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly and Juno Reactor, the albums sounds and programming are 100% modern.






01. Bound (click to listen)
02. A Blind Spot In Every Eye (click to listen)
03. I'm Pretty Much F**ked (click to listen)
04. The Dust Of Centuries
05. Red Lines (click to listen)
06. Darkhall
07. Another Empire Falls
08. Down Here
09. Tell
10. The World Behind The World
11. Independence Day (Version)
12. Bullet





Record Label http://dependent.de

Release date 26th Oct 2007