Staubkind – Zu Weit

Active ImageCombining emotional rock music and the German language is a dangerous task – it is rather easy to cross the border into pathetic kitsch. But ever since the release of their debut “Traumfänger”, Staubkind stand as the living proof that it is possible to combine the two effectively.

On its second long player “Zu Weit”, the band around mastermind, guitarist and vocalist Louis Manke again manages to turn those big emotions into touching miniature dramas … without ever drowning them in pathos. Louis formulates his thoughts into clear and straightforward words that go straight for the emotional vein and packages them in slightly dark but always catchy rock tunes with highly addictive melodies. Staubkind are not afraid of delivering well-dosed attacks of solid metal riffs, and alternating them with fragile acoustic ballads that will tickle your heart. In quite a few songs, Louis’ voice is effectively contrasted by soothing heavenly voices, creating more than one magical moment. On “Zu Weit”, Staubkind continue down the path they embarked on with “Traumfänger”: the music is sincere, heartfelt and direct… catchy, dark tunes that rock like hell and hit you straight in the heart!


 (Release Date: 12.10.2007)




01 Intro

02 Abschied

03 Erinnerung

04 Zu weit

05 Gestern

06 November

07 Wenn du schläfst

08 Halt mich

09 Wunderschön

10 Letzter Tag

11 Vergiss nicht

12 Königin

13 Als ich fortging

14 Viel mehr Akustik 2007









01.11.07 München – Metropolis      Athaara Festival

02.11.07 Saarbrücken – Roxy & The Birthday Massacre

03.11.07 Vlissingen (NL) – Terra Gotha XV – Festival

04.11.07 Siegen – Meyers

05.11.07 Frankfurt/Main – Cave

06.11.07 Stuttgart – Kellerclub

07.11.07 Heidelberg – Schwimmbad

08.11.07 Chemnitz – Bunker

09.11.07 Dresden – Fahrenheit 100

10.11.07 Berlin – K17

11.11.07 Leipzig – Moritzbastei

15.11.07 Greifswald – Black Box / Klex

16.11.07 Bremen – Tower

17.11.07 Bochum – Matrix