Dope Stars Inc – Neuromance ( Jewel Case )

Active ImageStandard Edition version of Dope Stars Inc second album "Neuromance". This version comes presented in a standard jewel case. This version also includes the Bonus CD from the original first and second editions including Exclusive material plus Remixes from Mortiis, Deathstars, Siderartica, Spiritual Front, Punto Omega, Funker Vogt, Pilori and more… .Another chance for everyone who missed the album first time to witness the new phenomenon of Dope Stars Inc. !

After the band centered around masterminds Victor Love and Grace Khold had turned the Goth scene on its head with their self-produced and self-promoted EP "10.000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures", their album "Neuromance" may be the most keenly expected debut of a Goth rock act ever ! Dope Stars Inc raise an apocalyptic firestorm that has mercilessly and irresistibly ignited the most important clubs in Germany.

Dope Stars Inc are simply unique. Retro and modern at the same time. Passion and aggression. Fire and ice. An unholy alliance of elemental forces ! "Neuromance" was produced by L'ame Immortelle mastermind Thomas Rainer personally in order to make this sensational debut a perfect one. Afterwards the songs were mixed by the legendary John Fryer ( NIN, Depeche Mode, HIM ) in London. The result of these united efforts is a powerful though fragile album, very detail-conscious ranking somewhere between Marilyn Manson-style noise, harsh machine beats, gloomy atmospherics and heartbreaking melodies – reminiscent of London After Midnight. A new generation of Goth – exceeding all expectations



Disc 1 :-
01. 10.000 Watts (click to listen)
02. Infection 13 (click to listen)
03. Platinum Girl
04. Make A Star (click to listen)
05. Vyperpunk
06. Generation Plastic
07. Rebel Riot (click to listen)
08. Theta Titanium (click to listen)
09. Self Destuctive Corp
10. Plug 'N' Die
11. Defcon 5
12. Trance-Former
13. C-Beams

Disc 2 :-
01. I'm Overdriven ( Exclusive Track )
02. Kiss ( Exclusive Cover Version )
03. Right Here In My Arms ( Exclusive Cover Version )
04. 10.000 Watts ( Funker Vogt Remix )
05. Vyperpunk ( Deathstars Remix )
06. Make A Star ( Siderartica Version )
07. Self Destructive Corp. ( Midnight Mass Remix by Mortiis )
08. 10.000 Watts ( Punto Omega Remix )
09. Generation Plastic ( Carmilla Remix )
10. Make A Star ( Maximegalon Remix by High Level Static )
11. 10.000 Watts ( Flatline Remix by Needleye )
12. Make A Star ( Esoterica Remix )
13. Plug 'N' Die ( Underwater Pilots Remix )
14. Make A Star ( Panzer Edit by Sundealers )
15. Platinum Girl ( Endraum Remix )
16. Infection 13 ( DJmO feat. Stephanie Luzie Remix )
17. Generation Plastic ( Decaydance Remix by Pilori )
18. Vyperpunk ( Spiritual Front Version )