Liar’s Rosebush – Circle The Square

Active ImageFinally, after 4 years, a new Liar's Rosebush solo release! Already very well known in the North American hard-electronics scene from his releases on Hive and Immanence, Matt Rosen, aka Liar's Rosebush brings together perhaps his most impressive work to date. Stylistically, Circle the Squares easily sidesteps classification – elements of industrial and breakcore swarm and crackle amid surprising samples and brilliant programming.

Heavy on melody and mood as well as rhythm, this is an album which unfolds in new shades of melancholy, aggression, hope and intensity with each subsequent listen. Folding electro-acoustic elements, touching atmospheric nuances, and organic, evolving soundwaves with clinically-precise rhythms and shards of noise and nearly-identifiable fragments of sound, Circle the Squares is a
brilliant album, and one we are pleased to bring to the world. Released on Hive Records.


01. (At Least I have My) Bruises
02. Beneath the Surface pt3
Circle the Squares
04. Like a Nicotine Halo
05. Sick of You
Beneath the Surface pt2
07. Irrational Word Sequence
09. ΔΔΔ
10. Series and Parallel
11. I Spit on Your Breaks
12. Beneath the Surface pt1