Swedish cult synthpop act Page finally release early singles on digital platforms on October 22nd

Swedish electronic pop pioneers Page returns with brand new EP 'Aska'

Good news for fans of the Swedish cult synthpop act Page. Their since long out of print eighties singles on Accelerating Blue Fish will finally get their digital releases via SSC (Subspace Communications). First out is the four track EP “Som en vind” to be released on October 22, followed by “Blå fötter”/”Sorg Flyg bort” (the latter by XL which was Eddie Bengtsson and Katarina Larke) out on November 5, and “Som skjuten ur en kanon” out on November 19.

Below is the cover artwork you can expect.

About Page

Page is a Swedish synthpop band and were basically the first band to bring synthpop music to Sweden. Their music and band members (particularly Eddie Bengtsson) influenced many subsequent Swedish synthpop acts, including Elegant Machinery, S.P.O.C.K, Sista Mannen På Jorden and KieTheVez.

Formed in 1980 by Eddie Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko, soon joined by Anders Eliasson, the band quickly gained underground cult-status releasing many singles such as “Dansande man”, “Som skjuten ur en kanon”, “Blå fötter” and “Som en vind”. Though most of their important influential work was released in the 1980s their first album, the self-titled “Page”, was released in 1991.

A compilation covering their two decades of work was released in 2000. After a decade of silence, in 2010 Page released an album of newly recorded material called “Nu”. In 2013, Page released “Hemma” on the Swedish label, Wonderland Records. In 2018, Page released the “Adapted” EP followed a year later by a live recording of the band’s performance in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October 2019. The release was released by the online magazine Cold War Night Life (a magazine powered by our nice colleague Simon Helm) as “Fakta för alla Göteborg”, available here.

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