PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Redeclaration Of War / 2006-2015 (EP – Fasma Productions)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro, EBM.

Format: Digital, Cassette.

Background/Info: PreEmptive Strike 0.1 saw the daylight in 2002. Nearly twenty years later the Crete formation can look back at a successful discography. The last year released EP “The Dread Files” revealed a new line-up; still driven by the band’s frontman Jim The Blaster and completed by Yiannis Chatzakis (Degenerated Sequences) –who was the only live member in the past. This EP features one new song plus reworked tracks –originally released in between 2006 and 2015.

Content: The opening song, which also is the new cut, reveals a dark, atmospheric sound featuring robotic vocals. This is the perfect intro to the harder and danceable reworked songs. All the songs have been reworked, but you still recognize the original power and mix of EBM and Dark-Electro. The carrying choruses have been always one of the band’s trademarks, which mixed with the danceable cadence stand for the success of this formation. On top of the songs you’ll hear the heavy, dark and distorted vocals of Jim The Blaster.

+ + + : The opening song “The base Was Overrun” is a somewhat surprising song for this formation, but it’s a pretty cool cut revealing a poignant atmospheric side. This is not just an intro, but a great song! Among the other songs, which have been reworked, I especially recommend the fully accomplished “Robotic Disintegrator” –originally released in 2010 at “The Kosmokrator”. This song perfectly symbolizes the power, energy and melodic side of PreEmptive Strike 0.1. Other noticeable cuts are the hard sounding “Lethal Defence Systems” –which was the title song of their debut album (2006) and the song “PreEmptive Strike”.

– – – : This release is something for the fans –and they for sure are going to like it! But I’m especially waiting for new stuff.

Conclusion: PreEmptive Strike 0.1 is revisiting some songs of the past and they masterly accomplished the challenge.

Best songs: “Robotic Disintegration – 2021 Version”, “The Base Was Overrun”, “Lethal Defence Systems – 2002 Version”, “Preemptive Strike – 2021 Version”.

Rate: 8.

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