V/A Anthology Of Experimental Music From China (Album –Unexplained Sounds Group)

Genre/Influences: Experimental, Ritual, Cinematographic, Minimal.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: In this phenomenal compilation series devoted to Experimental music from all over the world, Unexplained Sounds Group now presents an exploration through the Chinese underground scene. Sixteen artists have been selected.

Artists: Chunyang Yao, Liu Yiwei, Baishui, Ruò Tán, Liangyiyuan, Broken Thoughts, Vavabond, Yingshui Dijiang, Hualun, Feng Jiangzhou, Li Yilei, Aplx, Hong Qile, Sun Wei, Xu Cheng, Li Daiguo.

Content: All I can tell you is there really is an underground scene in China. I expected a kind of Folk influences mixed with some Experimental treatments, but discovered surprising artists dealing with Ritual influences, others into pure Experimental creation and still a few Cinematographic projects. From pretty minimal sound experiences towards a touch of Psychedelic music to Noise-Ambient, this compilation really has a lot to offer.

+ + + : I guess it’s not that evident releasing a compilation devoted to any kind of Chinese Underground music genre. The Italian label got some help from Chunyang Yao and Jiahao Cao who both helped to see this project come through. It also is an opportunity to discover an unknown music scene based in a country, which remains driven by a political regime wherein the human rights are too often reduced to silence. But I discovered promising artists and absolutely great songs. Ruò Tán made a great impression on me by a deeply ritual track. This artist already released several Productions on the French-Chinese label WV Sorcerer Productions. Another interesting discovery is Feng Jiangzhou dealing with a more Minimal- and cinematographic track. A similar Cinematographic approach has been accomplished by Liu Yiwei. And if you’re more into a mix of ambient and Noise I can only but recommend Aplx. It’s a diversified, but great sonic experience throughout the Chinese Experimental scene. 

– – – : Like any other compilation, there’re always a few artists and tracks that couldn’t totally convince, but belief me, there’s no reason to complaining here.

Conclusion: This new edition in the “Anthology of Experimental Music” is quite a surprise, but the Chinese scene clearly reveals a true potential and features talented artists.

Best bands: Ruò Tán, Feng Jiangzhou, Liu Yiwei, Aplx, Chunyang Yao.

Rate: 7½.

Label: www.facebook.com/unexplainedsoundsgroup

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