Out via Repo Records is the first new Ravenous album in 21 years: ‘Forward to the Roots’

Out via Repo Records is the first new Ravenous album in 21 years: 'Forward to the Roots'

The German electro band returns after 21 years of silence. Björn Böttcher, Gerrit Thomas and Tim Fockenbrock are to release a new album on the 25th anniversary of their 1996 debut album “Mass Mental Cruelty” (Off Beat), November 29th that is.

The new album, “Forward to the Roots”, will be released via Repo Records and is the band’s 4th album.

The album is a mix of new songs (“Roots”, “Here Again” and “Free Me”), unreleased tracks and rarities from the band archive ranging from unreleased versions of tracks from the 1996 debut (recorded by X-Marks the Pedwalk’s mind Andre Schmechta), to unreleased remixes, demos and rarities.

Also included is the never released re-recording of the single “Frozen Tears” (originally planned for 2001 but never released).

The new album is out on 500 copies.


  1. Roots
  2. Here again
  3. Frozen Tears (2021)
  4. Free Me
  5. If you believe it (2002)
  6. Roots (Alternative Vocal Edit)
  7. Frozen Tears (2001)
  8. Violent World (Plain Real Remix 1996)
  9. Faster than Time (Alternative Version 1996)
  10. Flesh and Bone (Alternative Version 1996)
  11. Silverray (Radio Edit 1999)
  12. Empire (Unreleased Version 1999)
  13. The Last (Demo 1999)
  14. Between the Worlds (Re/Work Remix 2000)
  15. My Name (The Dust of Basement Remix 2000)
  16. The Loop (2002)

About Ravenous

Ravenous was born somewhere in 1989 and after their debut album on Off Beat they would release a second album, “No Retreat And No Surrender”, on Zoth Ommog in 1998. “Phoenix” followed in 2000 on Bloodline. And after that the lights went out.

During these 20 years apart, the band members have musically gone their own ways: While Björn Böttcher, after an extensive live artist career with Funker Vogt, ultimately delved into label and artist management with RepoRecords, Gerrit Thomas took a career in music production. Tim Fockenbrock, for his part, worked with several bands outside the scene and even deployed a dubbing career.

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