New a-ha film and album out in Autumn 2022: ‘True North’

New a-ha film and album out in Autumn 2022: 'True North'

“True North” is a filmed live-performance with all new music from a-ha. The film is made in collaboration with Bodø 2024 and the The Arctic Symphony Orchestra and is scheduled for release in Autumn 2022 together with the album.

Set in the landscape of Northern Norway and recorded in the town of Bodø up above the Arctic Circle, the music from the film will be made available as a new album from the group for the first time since “Cast in Steel” which was released in 2015.

“We want this film to be a poetic homage to the importance that nature holds in Norwegian culture, and in particular the ocean, which has provided us with a privileged life up here, from the early fishing boom to the troublesome riches extracted from the seabed in the form of oil,” says Magne.

About Bodø

green aurora lights over lake
Photo by Jon Anders Dalan on Unsplash

Bodø is a municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Salten and is located just north of the Arctic Circle. Bodø was named one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2024.

Most of the town was destroyed during a Luftwaffe attack on 27 May 1940. Six thousand people were living in Bodø, and 3500 people lost their homes in the attack. Due to the acute lack of housing, the Swedish Government helped build 107 apartments in the winter of 1941. These houses were built tightly together just outside the town.

This small area, today in the heart of Bodø, is still called Svenskebyen (“the Swedish Town”). The town was subsequently rebuilt after the war. The rebuilding ended in 1959 with the completion of the new town hall.

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