Raison d’être returns with ‘Daemonum’ – check out the first track

Raison d'être returns with 'Daemonum' - check out the first track

“Daemonum” marks the 30-years anniversary of Raison d’être. The 6-track album “Daemonum” will be released on September 16 and comes as a standard edition CD of 500 copies in 6-panel digisleeve,and a dtandard edition 2LP of 300 copies.

A special edition also avaialable and holds the extra album “Daemoniacum”. The formats for this release are a 2CD and a 3LP. Think of “Daemoniacum” as some sort of anti-polarized version of “Daemonum”, as if “Daemonum” was haunted and possessed by a demon. Not our words, but that of the label Cyclic Law.

Raison d’être is a Swedish dark ambient project formed by Peter Andersson in 1991. The name of the band was taken from a sentence in a book by Carl Gustav Jung: “the individuation is the raison d’être of the self.” Dark ambient atmospheres, drone elements, industrial sounds, ecclesiastical hymns are all blended together to constitute the music of Raison d’être.

The band’s first release was “Après nous le Déluge” released on cassette in 1992. The first label release was “Prospectus I” on Cold Meat Industry in 1993. Since then the project released albums on such labels as B.o.C.a. Tapes, Slaughter Productions, Old Europa Cafe, Spirit Of Sound Source, Eternal Pride Productions, Transgredient Records, Essence Music, and now Cyclic Law.

Check out a first track from the new album, the 12:35 long “The Implacable Portal”.

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