Jerusalem Syndrome – Waves Of Sorrow


We wonder around, and watch our step
for we know what remains, beneath the truth
and we — and we place, our trust in idols
and we pray, as we fall cause no one hears
striped of our belief, can't you hear the faithful crying
drown without remorse, below the waves of sorrow
and in my heart i fail to see
through my eyes i bleed the tears,
below the waves of sorrow
a reason to —- i still adore him
—- he always remains, and won't disappear
and he takes all the pain, and hides behind the lies
and he breaks all the hope i ever held
i know the hurt won't go away, and it's hard excepting
and i push all the pain right down inside
and i fight this disease, to no avail.


Album : The Book Of Days