Pumice – Pebbles

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Island living affords absolute polarities in both geography and the
psyche – tranquility & isolation. 

This duality is present in themusic of Pumice – the eccentric, flummoxing and oft-gloomy one-man
band helmed by Stefan Geoffrey Neville, a resident of the culturalhamlet of Auckland, New Zealand. Though Pumice's skewed take on experimental folk and pop songwriting is firmly rooted in the
outsider vibes of downunder stalwarts like Pip Proud and Alastair Galbraith, the fruits of his labor are singular in scope as Neville weaves his own personal mythology mired with comedy, melancholy,
humility and tragedy and delivered with vivid clarity. Pumice's pesky brand of loner Kiwi DIY – precariously devoid of fatuous pose – is acolorful, desolate soundworld unto itself.

On Pebbles, the umpteenth Pumice full-length outing, Stefan Neville excavates the mutant rock of Simply Saucer & the idiosyncratic, rhythmic compositions of Moondog (at his most playfully abstract),
and re-contextualizes those touchstones via the pages of a mid-70s Incredible Hulk comic book. Pebbles offers the unlikely marriage of astute refinement and wild abandon, with songs uplifting & sincere, yet dark, with oddball substance to spare. Featuring some of Pumice's best makeshift pop songs to date, Pebbles even manages a few excellently fractured instrumentals that harkens to The Clean circa Oddities. Released on Soft Abuse and available July 10th, 2007.

01. Eyebath
02. Bold / Old
03. Brown Brown Brown
04. Stopover
05. Greenock
06.Northland (
http://www.stormingthebase.com/audio/real/SAB022Northland.mp3 )
07. Spike / Spear
08. Both Beasts
09. The Only Doosh Worth Giving
10. Onion Union
11. Pipi