Monica Richards (Faith And The Muse) – Infrawarrior

InfraWarrior is the essence of "power from within": a personal view of primal energy and its release; a cathartic mix of Monica Richards' (Faith And The Muse) spoken word, and classic rich, textural vocals, drenched in cinematic soundscapes and world tribal/ritual rhythms. This evocative project, composed by Monica Richards alone, is at once hard-hitting and sensual, a revolutionary and seductive culmination evolving from over twenty years as an Independent artist. InfraWarrior ranges from Neo-Classical and World Music to Avant Garde melodies, and each song has a story to tell. At times personal and at times filled with rage at unaddressed social issues, she is not afraid to speak her mind. Guests include Lustmord, Matt Howden, Paul Mercer, Chad Blinman, Fred 'Freak' Smith, Betsy Martin, Marzia Rangel, Kambriel, Jarboe, kaRIN, Malgorzata D. Wacht, Curse, Davis Petterson, and Lloyd Richards. Produced by William Faith. Additional instrumentation and programming by William Faith. Mixed by Chad Blinman. Additional programming by Chad Blinman.











Tracklist :

1. Gaia – Introduction
2. I Am Warrior
3. Fell To Regret
4. In Answer
5. Into My Own
6. The Antler King
7. Sedna
8. The Hunt
9. This Is Not A Dream
10. Death Is the Ultimate Woman
11. We Are the One
12. Like Animals
13. The Turnaway
14. A Good Thing


Release Date:

Europe – November
U.S. – MAY

U.S. Label: Mercyground| European/UK Label: Dark Dimensions