Laibach releases ‘Bremenmarsch – Live at Schlachthof 12.10.1987’

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In 1987 Laibach signed a long-term contract with Daniel Miller’s London Mute Label and had finally found their musical home. Mute released “Opus Dei” which would put the band for good on the musical map. On 12th October 1987 Laibach made a stop at the Bremen Schlachthof where they recorded the live album “Bremermarsch”. It’s that radio broadcast recording which is now released 33 years later. For the occasion Laibach edited the old original recordings and digitally mastered them in their studio.

Bootleg copies of this release have been floating around for years, but nothing beats the sound you’ll be able to hear on this album which will be out in late August.

Laibach was founded on 1st June 1980 in the then heavy industrial Yugoslavian town of Trbovlje (today a city in central Slovenia)and took their name after the German designation of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana which was undesirable in Yugoslavia during the Tito’s and post-Tito era. In 1982 the group played its first concerts in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade on their “Tour of the Three Capitals”. On 23rd June 1983, Laibach appeared for the first time on Slovenian television in the political program TV Tednik. The band’s provocative performance led to a ban on the name and a ban on performing in Yugoslavia until 1987.

Below is a visual from the 1987 show in Bremen, Germany.

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