Tau Factor – Second Stage Ignition

TAU FACTOR is the one-man hard Electro-EBM project from the mind of Seattle, WA musician Carsten P.


Pulling influence from the dark electro greats of the  early 90s, but with his own unique, modern twist, Tau Factor's sound has progressed over a well-received release of "Prototype" on ADSR Musicwerks to the new, just completed full-length known as Second Stage Ignition, featuring 11 new tracks and a cover of Mentallo & The Fixer's "Inhumanities," blessed by Gary Dassing himself. Additionally, a powerful remix from Greek EBM band PreEmptive Strike 0.1 is included, and a music video for the song Motionless, produced by Resonance Digital Arts in Seattle.

Now signed to DSBP Records in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the latest CD release of Second Stage Ignition is due to arrive in early March of 2007, with plans in  the works to tour later in the year.

Tau Factor's sound ranges from heavy and explosively danceable, to atmospheric and cosmic, but at all times bringing together emotional depth with digital hardness to create something both dark and intense, yet human and relatable.

Tau Factor has played numerous live shows over the years, with guest spots opening for heavyweights like GRENDEL, THE CRXSHADOWS, and IMPERATIVE REACTION.

Tau Factor has also collaborated in the past with such notable Seattle artists as GLIS and NOXIOUS EMOTION, and has a sound that has moved to the next level in the evolution of this Northwest electro-industrial act. 

1- shadowed reality
2- motionless
3- time is running out
4- nyheder
5- dissolution
6- fade from view
7- transmissions
8- cold core
9- inhumanities (mentallo & the fixer cover)
10- overpressure
11- serotonin
12- convolution(version 2006)
13- motionless(Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 remix)

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