Ambassador 21 – Drunken, Crazy, With A Gun

"Drunken, Crazy, With A Gun"
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This might be one of the very best industrial remix albums of 2007.
It surely is one of the most diverse and explosive albums in the realms
of industrial, breakcore, techno-noize that is currently released.
This album from Ambassador 21 from Belarus offers exactly what the title implies:
drunken, crazy, with a gun, and you better get out of the way, cause this
industrial-punk-noise machine will have no mercy. 


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Natasja and Alexey have had the tracks of their latest album Weight of Death remixed by a selection of respected
artists from the industrial scene. Remixes by a.o. Bak XIII, Wumpscut, Mimetic,Ah Cama-Sotz, This Morn Omina, Iszoloscope, P.A.L, Hypnoskull, SKET, Tarmvred, Asche,Monolith and Contagious Orgasm,to which the individual styles of each band were merged with the industrial breakcore mayhem of Ambassador 21. Add the psychopathic aggressive vocals of this duo to it and you get an impression of what this sounds like. Fantastic! Some remixes are more experimental such as the remixes of Contagious Orgasm or This Morn Omina, others are towards rhythmic industrial such as P.A.L and Asche or
insane heavy breakcore industrial with roaring guitars such as Iszoloscope, Hypnoskulland Tarmvred, and others strikingly dancefloor focussed such as Monolith, Wumpscut, Suicide Inside, SKET, Ah Cama-Sotz or BakXIII have done. Each track is a killer. You just have to hear it to believe it. This is mandatory for every industrial lover.



01. Batman vs. Elvis [remix by BAK XIII]
02. Light My Fire [burning remix by :WUMPSCUT:]
03. The Ballet Of Bullets [remix by MIMETIC]
04. Smith-And-Wesson [remix by AH CAMA-SOTZ]
05. Winter Trip 2 [remix by THIS MORN OMINA]
06. Legalize Death [remix by ISZOLOSCOPE]
07. Katrina [bloody dance remix by SUICIDE INSIDE]
08. Unhappy Day [remix by P•A•L]
09. Zensyou66 [oldschool j. remix by HYPNOSKULL]
10. Legalize Death [dig that groove remix by S.K.E.T.]
11. New Doctrine About Trinity II [remix by TARMVRED]
12. War As Text (Meat) [remix by CONTAGIOUS ORGASM]
13. Unhappy Day V.2 [remix by ASCHE]
14. Light My Fire [remix by MONOLITH]

by TekNoir, Gothtronic

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