Engelmacher – Birds of a feather



Engelmacher continues to thrive as 2007 brings forth another chapter within the Engelmacher realm. After the release of their debut album "Birds of a Feather", Engelmacher has been working tirelessly on Two upcoming releases which shall prove to be essential to the evolution of Engelmacher's approach to electro-industrial as well as the "anti-government" content which fuels it. Engelmacher shall continue to push the political envelope and unleash an onslaught of politically driven electro-industrial which they use to reach the collective minds of humanity.








1. Retribution
2. Circumstance
3. Bypass
4. Useless Gestures
5. Thrust
6. Birds of a Feather
7. All In Good Time (Reprise)
8. Devotion


Birds of a Feather is now available at engelmacher.com