Exclusive premiere Corlyx video ‘Twist Like An Animal’

Dark electro artists Corlyx exclusively premiere their new video “Twist Like An Animal” on Side-Line. The song is off their new album “In2 The Skin” which will be released on August 16th and which you can order here. “In2 The Skin” is a conceptual album at its core counting 10 songs. The video was shot in Berlin around various parts of the city. The live footage in the video is from when Corlyx played at the Berlin Music Video awards this year.

Here is the video!

Corlyx will be playing the Pappe Open Air Festival in Greiz, Germany and the Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln Germany among other shows they have lined up in the UK and Europe.

Los Angeles – Berlin – Brighton

Corlyx was formed in Los Angles in 2015, with the meeting of singer songwriter Caitlin Stokes and Producer/Guitarist Brandon Ashley, also the front man for the dark rock act ‘The Dark’. The two began writing music together that was inspired by their love of 90’s Industrial Rock/Grunge and modern Electronica. The duo released their first EP “One Of Us” the following year of Corlyx’s inception, then moved to Berlin (Germany) to work on their first full length album “Music 2F2”. The Album was released February 2017 with an excellent feedback from the press.

Corlyx has recently relocated to the UK, working on their second studio album “In2 The Skin” and have begun developing their live show, giging in Berlin and Brighton England. This dark electro grunge duo promises that the next release will be darker and heavier than they’ve ever gone.

Preview new album

You can check out various tracks from the new album below!

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