New music video from Uncarnate: ‘Samael’ – watch it here!

The fine dark electropop act Uncarnate returns with a brand new video for the track “Samael”. The clip above promotes the new mini-album “Reality Breakdown” which you can check out below on Bandcamp.

Here’s what Adam Radziszewski says about the video: “It tells a story which starts in a lab and ends in the woods at night. It’s not clear whether the musicians really meet Herne the Hunter, an elder forest ghost, or if this was nothing but tripping after the consumption of the primeval psychoactive substance just resynthesized from a plant.”


You will probably remember this fine band as they have been featured on 2 of our Face The Beat compilations. This Polish duo combines darkwave aesthetics, avant-pop and dance beats. Uncarnate draws inspiration from Scandinavian synthpop, Polish post-punk and Western European electro-industrial. Their newly released mini-album “Reality Breakdown” presents a cleaner, softer and deeper sound than their first “Weak Protein Life” EP.

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