Decoded Feedback – Combustion

decoded feedbackDecoded Feedback was always one of my top favourite bands, though I could never understand why people are not that familiar with them or why clubs do not prefer their songs. Objectively, Decoded Feedback is original, powerful, melodic and aggressive at the same time and to my opinion one of the best bands of the Industrial scene ever. After their latest release "Phoenix" a fantastic work to say the least, Combustion comes to continue where Phoenix stopped. While listening to the album it came to my notice that DF mixed up all their dark electronic ingredients that made them successful over the years in this new release.
Yes it is Decoded Feedback sound you can hear that from miles but something different, better comes out from the amps. Break beats combined with midtempo rythms and electronic guitars (similar to the Phoenix ones’), harsh industrial drums alternate with psychedelic ones, and sentimental background melodies mixed up with the best industrial vocals ever transferring you to a digital world where humans are addicted to technology, making me vote this album as the best release of 2005.
I have nothing more to say or note down for this release. All songs are equally wonderful and I suggest that you buy this cd a.s.a.p.