:SITD: – Coded Message 12

sitdSITD came as a great surprise to all of us few years ago when they released their debut album Stronghold. A fantastic work to say the least, forced many of us to set high standards for their new second album.

More than two years passed and SITD are back with their brand new Cd Coded Message 12. After listening the Cd 2-3 times I must admit that this is a nice album but similar to their debut release. The whole sound is enriched with new elements of course (imagine the sound difference on the Mindstrip and Axis of Evil album of Suicide Commando), with powerful drums, emotional vocals, background slow synths and their well known samples to accompany almost every song. Don't try to find out singles such as snuff machinery or rose coloured skies, all songs are moving to the same tempo, pleasant tracks by all means but with less essence. The production is very nice and clean still there is something missing. Maybe the single, maybe more power, I am not sure. SITD had a lot of time to prepare us for this new release and I can't say I am not pleased with it but I was expecting something unique, an album to recon with. I am waiting more from them in the future.